About us

We are a boutique consultancy that prides itself on having enviable relationships with some of the brightest product designers globally, based here in Australia.

We are the founders of Right Beer Solutions, which is a proven system that provides exceptional quality tap beer, whilst reducing beer & water wastage. Improving OH&S and providing guides and a scheduling service are key aspects to our solution.

We are now proud to now add further technologies that can be of further value for our existing and new clients in hygiene and efficiencies.:

  • Air conditioning and heating energy efficiency - the technology can be installed on any sized system, from a small coolroom to a large water cooled unit. The technology better understands and analyses the compressor cycles to find savings in its regualr cycle. Average savings of 15% are being achieved.
  • FilterControl - utilising similar technology to the CellarControl, it is retro-fitted onto a swimming pool (small hotel up to a water park) that actively kills bacteria using sonic technology. This is proven to use approximately 25% LESS chlorine and approximately your pool volume of water each year; making it a better swimmer experience.
  • OHAir - Using powerful hydroxyl treatment technology, OHAir is a 24/7 treatment system – an exceptionally fast, safe and effective air and surface treatment system which removes 99.99% of surface and air pathogens within one hour, including COVID-19.
  • Aeris Envirnonmental - have a very advanced range of consumable cleaners, disinfectants and residual products that are proven to not only clean but provide extended periods of protection. They are Australian designed, manufactured and are listed on the ASX.

We are well placed to provide a number of 'greentech' solutions that provide value for your business and the environment.


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