AERISHIELD™ mould & odour control- 1L

AERISHIELD™ mould & odour control- 1L

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  • Effective odour control
  • Eliminates odours by consuming odour producing bacteria
  • Prevents mould growth
  • Controls the spread of odour-producing microoganisms by disrupting the germination of their spores

AeriShield™ is a patented formulation which provides a biochemical barrier against mould and eliminates odours by digesting odour-producing molecules.

The combination of enzymes in AeriShield™ helps to prevent mould colonisation and offensive odours in all indoor areas such as carpets, fabrics and other soft furnishings.

AeriShield™ leaves an invisible barrier that encapsulates mould-fighting natural enzymes and probiotics. The probiotics remain dormant during the dry season. When growth conditions are favourable probiotics out-compete mould for nutrients and moisture. 


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